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Personal Budgets for Adult Social Care: Video Case Study No. 3 – Simon

Friday 19 October 2012


This week, ahead of the publication of our joint 3-year longitudinal study with Essex County Council evaluating the impact of Personal Budgets, we’re reflecting on the impact the personalisation agenda has had on specific people with social care needs in Essex. In this, our third and final video case study, we meet Simon.

Meet Simon who is 50 years old and has muscular dystrophy. He uses his Personal Budget to employ live-in PAs. In this video we join him as he gets ready to go on a shopping trip. We see the essential role which his carer plays in allowing Simon to live independently, in this instance helping him to get ready, driving him to and from the store and assisting him with a weekly shop.

As well as providing essential care and support with daily tasks, Simon recruits PAs who can play the role of care companion. For this reason it’s important that Simon has the choice to select carers he gets on best with. In the video Simon demonstrates his use of an online recruitment website which has made the selection process much easier. He shows how the website allows him to source suitable PAs and browse their profiles finding out where they’re based, their interests and experiences, and their preferred shift patterns.

While Simon is aware that Personal Budget users can get hep with the administrative responsibilities of the budget, he is able to draw on his previous employment experience in personnel and payroll to take on this role himself. Although he admits it could be daunting for some, Simon felt he owed it to himself to use these skills and it also gives him a sense of added control over his affairs.

Finally, Simon reflects on the overall impact of his Personal Budget – concluding it’s opened up a new life by allowing him to move into his own home and freeing his aging parents from the workload and responsibility of caring for him. A Personal Budget has allowed Simon to live an independent life in which he is free to visit friends and family, improving his relationship with those closest to him.