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Francis Maude launches new guide to setting up public sector mutuals

Friday 4 March 2011


Last night we launched a ‘how to guide’ for public sector organisations looking to become employee–led mutuals, written by specialists at OPM, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP, the Employee Ownership Association and Baxi Partnership.

The guide ‘How to become an employee owned mutual – an action checklist for the public sector’ (available for free download here), provides a road map for public sector organisations. It covers the steps required for organisations considering adopting a mutual ownership model, and shows how employees can give their new enterprise the maximum chance of success.

At the launch at the House of Commons, Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude spoke enthusiastically about supporting public sector workers to set up new enterprises and his desire to encourage a wide range of new models. Newly appointed chair of the Prime Minister’s Mutuals Taskforce Professor Julian Le Grand also welcomed the guide and stressed his commitment to helping to remove barriers facing new mutuals.

The guide has already been given a strong thumbs up by public service professionals. Speaking for OPM, colleague Phil Copestake stressed that it is designed to give practical insights to people in public services who are embarking on the transition.

Practical is the keyword here. Leaders of transitions have a demanding role and there are difficult choices along the way, but the process shouldn’t be any more complicated than it needs to be. Many of those attending the launch had either been through the journey or are on the road, and there was a lot of swapping of ideas and experience over cups of tea.

At OPM we’re really keen to continue to hear about new triumphs (and challenges faced, too) as part of our commitment to providing a up-to-date evidence base and supporting further development in policy and practice. So do please get in touch if you have insights to add to the body of knowledge.